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Steven Campbell

Jun 30, 2021, 6:33:39 PMJun 30
Now I know that Clay over at, has got a bunch of tutorials posted showing him going thru EM"s and restoring them cosmetically as well as other issues. great tutorials by the way

I have watched his DVD"s and there are others here that have posted tutorials on the same thing. And know that I have taken the time to hit all the bases...when Donal was alive I remember i visited with him about it one morning and although the conversation went on for a while, he tried as best he good to get a newbie to understand what he was sharing. I did finally get it, but not to the point of replacement on my field.

This is one thing that I have just stayed away from. I have always had the fear that one would crack and half of it would be in the hole and the other half would be fractured into two to three pieces in my hand. I do understand to lay a small level across the insert to make sure it's even when finished, but, other then the way all of you have posted about, is there anything I am missing?


Jul 8, 2021, 4:19:34 PMJul 8
I think you have most of it down. For triangular inserts, I cut a
piece of wood about the size of the insert hole below the playfield. I
then tap that with a hammer.

For round inserts, I use a socket as close to the size as possible.

I start by cutting around the insert on top of the playfield. Then
carefully heat with a heat gun. I have removed and replaced many, made
decal artwork, etc. It is my least favorite thing to do, I suspect.

This may help, a bit.


Steven Campbell

Jul 9, 2021, 8:30:37 PMJul 9
Thanks for the info...i have had some success in pulling these inserts out using my heat gun.....I am going to try to replace as many of them as I I think new ones would sure look better...thanks again!

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