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Any Scoring Strategies for Grand Lizard?

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Sep 20, 2010, 10:05:19 AM9/20/10
Just started digging into this game and, while the rules are pretty
straightforward, I was wondering if anyone had some strategies to
maximize scoring / features to exploit.


Sep 20, 2010, 10:39:10 AM9/20/10
Trap the ball on an upper flipper and shoot the timed drop target when
the 100k is flashing. It may not be glamorous, but it's safe. Shoot
the center shot to get the ball back up top. Much more fun to go for
multiball, but it less controlled and leads to drains.

Jonny O

Sep 20, 2010, 11:21:58 AM9/20/10
On Sep 20, 7:05 am, wrote:

There are some vids on my youtube channel of Jim Belsito killing this
game at this past CAEX.


Sep 20, 2010, 2:26:16 PM9/20/10
One of my favorite games.

Yes, the upper pf is the safe way to go. My feeling is that the 3
bank on the upper left are your quickest way to an extra ball. I may
be wrong.

If you want to be more aggressive - Go for the "L-I-Z" and "A-R-D"
stand-up targets to increase your bonus multiplier. After you have
completed them once it will light the spinner for big points. THEN
get multiball so you get 2x or 3x your score and start smackin' that

Its a big bonus game, you can help yourself more with that by hitting
the ramps and then hitting the far right lane to light the bonus
holdover. DO THIS ON BALL 3 too! It will give you extra bonus at the
end of that ball.

Also, like BK, you will get temporary ?value? bonuses lit on the ramps
when the ball comes down the inlane. Those can be some good grabs

IMO its about that spinner and multiball.


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Oct 5, 2010, 9:02:34 PM10/5/10

The upper 3-bank holds the secret to scoring big. Keep dropping these
targets to advance the cave value to the maximum. Now continuously
shoot the cave loop and collect 40 thousand. If you are quick enough,
you can also hit the "Speed 50" shot and get a total of 90 thousand
very quickly. Get good, and you can keep doing this combo over and
over pretty fast. The cave loop also advances the value of the center
4 drop targets up to 100,000. So, if you drop one of the targets and
20,000 was lit as the value, if you can put it through the cave loop a
few times, you may be able to collect 100,000 if you can drop all four

Another thing I have noticed is that shooting the ball through the
cave loop drastically slows down how fast the machine resets the 4
center drop targets. It has a hard time keeping up some times, and
the time extension really helps collect the value on the center

Extra balls can be ridiculously easy on the factory settings. I have
had games with up to seven extra balls. Just keep dropping the 3 bank
until extra ball is lit, then drop them again to collect. You can
also hit the ramps alternating left and right four times for an extra
ball. All your points are up top, and in multiball if you can keep
that alive. I'm not good enough to keep a 3 ball going very long,
but if you are, it can be good for 1.5 million plus pretty quickly.
My high score at home on mine is 15,626,000 or so using these

Oct 6, 2018, 11:29:52 AM10/6/18
I have been working on three ball multiball. I am able to get it both ways, though I find doing it by getting three balls in the lock. I am wondering what others familiar with this fun game think. Thanks!

Orion Roberts

May 19, 2023, 2:01:07 AM5/19/23
On Saturday, October 6, 2018 at 8:29:52 AM UTC-7, wrote:
> I have been working on three ball multiball. I am able to get it both ways, though I find doing it by getting three balls in the lock. I am wondering what others familiar with this fun game think. Thanks!

I find it safest to lock two balls and then use the upmost right spot target to start multiball. This gives you a head start on scoring in the upper part of the playfield while the other two balls are popping out (and might mitigate early ball collisions).

Typically I work on lighting the full value of the cave to 40K and then avoiding collecting the extra ball (or at least avoiding the special) to keep that value. Then when the ball goes down to the lower part of the playfield, I will shoot the left ramp from the right flipper or the lock from the left flipper. You can also bounce the ball off of the "I" target into the lock, but I don't rely on this. Locking a ball essentially gives you the ball back in the upper area but with multiball ready (and a few more points). If I already have two balls locked, I may go for the right orbit back to the top instead of starting multiball from the lock shot.

The orbit shot is very important for double bonus on the last ball. If you want to boost your bonus, try for LIZARD letters during multiball. Otherwise, bonus is not worth enough to focus on.
My right ramp is dangerous and usually does not allow me to keep the ball in the upper area, so I avoid it.
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