Campaign to Save The Twilight Zone--Final Report

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Joseph Francis Nebus

Jan 16, 1995, 12:54:10 PM1/16/95
It wasn't a campaign, it was a rout.

For those who missed the first report, at the end of last semester,
when yet another little thing went wrong with the Rensselaer Polytechnic
Institute's arcade's Twilight Zone machine, I determined to do what I could
to get it repaired, all the loose bits tightened, all the bad sensors
fixed, all the burned lights replaced. My first step was complaining to the
person running the arcade and saying I hoped it would be repaired over the

I got back from winter break. The status of the machine?

Beautiful. Everything is working. There are no (as far as I have
been able to determine) loose pieces or faulty sensors; even the lock
mechanism is working again. The playing field has been well cleaned.

And all the burned-out light bulbs have been replaced.

In fact, not just the Twilight Zone machine was repaired. They had
technicians work on the other three games (FunHouse, Guns & Roses, and
Wipeout) and get those into very good shape.

I went to the person running the arcade and complimented him,
lavishly, on the work that was done. As he said before, they hadn't known
about the condition of the games because few people--he said I was the only
one--would complain about the little problems. He did look quite proud to
have the machines in proper shape again, though, and was happy to see the
work appreciated.

So, as the stated goal of the Campaign has been met (all the lights
back in working order), I hereby declare this Campaign to Save The Twilight
Zone completed and fully successful.

Joseph Nebus

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