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24 aug. 2005, 20:44:1224.08.2005
I bought some stuff from Marius including a Banzai Run display back
glass. Marius did a good job packaging and everything made it from
Romania (yes, Romania) in great shape. The shipping time was only
about 3 weeks. I think that may have been unusually fast. It did have
a nice "X-rayed by US Customs Service" stamp on it!

Matt Mckenzie

25 aug. 2005, 11:10:3925.08.2005
Second That - Marius is a great guy to work with!


25 aug. 2005, 18:22:0025.08.2005
I will thirds that- I have ordered some Pinbot stuff from Marius and it
came quickly, although the top of the vortex was broken like almost all
of them are. But Marius is a great guy to work with, with excellent
communication, especially for a guy from Romania. He even threw in some
extra stuff free to make the deal happen.


7 sept. 2005, 20:31:1007.09.2005

I recently bought a FunHouse playfield and Marius sent it the day he
received the money and I had it within 5 days at my door step from
Romania. It was wrapped very well and was not damaged from the trip.

Good Seller!


9 sept. 2005, 00:02:1809.09.2005
I also had a very good experience with Marius. He is fair and has very good
communication. Provided the photos I requested to confirm the condition of
the parts without hesitation. Took only 9 days to get a small FH parts
package by air. All parts were as described, well packaged and arrived
intact with a couple extra plastics included free. Good seller!

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