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Jul 27, 2003, 5:06:41 PM7/27/03
just got my newsgroup account from my new ISP so I figured I might pimp my
mud a bit here as well as on the websites
hmmm where did that blurb go...

WANTED! Experienced players and builders to help expand a rapidly growing
world! Cliffs of Insanity is designed for the quirky - its members pride
themselves on their eccentric sense of humour, and the areas of the game are
a great example of that. Cliffs' website boasts an always current player
list, a rare gem in the MUD world. Our site is always growing, with
opportunities opening up for more information about the game to be
displayed. Our goal is to entertain, amuse, and confuse, and Cliffs
contains plenty of areas for you to explore.
We are looking for mortals with experience running in-game organizations
such as guilds, orders and clans, as well as builders who share the same
high standards of room quality as we do.
Welcome to Cliffs of Insanity. Step over the edge. // 4000

Other details:
We run on a SMAUG codebase and are fairly pkill-oriented.
We have almost enough players to start splitting up into clans and there's a
clan leader position that still needs to be filled(!) and we need more
builders to really expand.
Coding positions are not open.
Highly recommended for you to glance over the 'features' page before you
start, as there are new races available.

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