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Dec 3, 2002, 3:20:05 PM12/3/02

Greetings, thanks for having a peek at our post!

Organelleąs goal is to create a place that really supports and
encourages exploration and role-playing in an atmosphere that's
mature, intricate, and exciting. It's time there was a really
mythic, literate, serious, joyful, fantasy roleplaying game.

Something intricate enough to keep adults fascinated, and give them
a place to really -explore- the possibilities of text-based online
role playing. Something that goes beyond the Śmu-verseą and into
intelligent system simulation. Something more novel that anything
thatąs come before.

We have been creating a place like that; a place that is magical,
and intricate, and fascinating. A place that doesn't grow old, but
grows. A place where people can interact with the mythical fantasy
world in a way that's rewarding and fun. Weąve been at it for four
years ­ and are still growing.

Here are the links to our project homepage:


Our web community:


And the game itself - mudclient or telnet to:

organelle.org 4045

We've been in development for four years, and we're seeking some
talented builders, coders, GMs and players - yes - we need you!

>>>Gms, Coders & Builders<<<

Are you a GM - or interested in helping us create a fantasy

Also, we're hoping to exand our staff of expert builders and
coding engineers, as well as GameMasters.

We hope you will enjoy and help us craft things like:

High RP and detailed expanding mythos.
Player dreaming and dreamquesting.
Pets riding animals and familiars.
Detailed, literate environment.
Playful, caring and mature staff.
Simple but useful room position system.
Weave-of-life and intricate interconnecting effects.
Pets, Familiars and Riding animals.
Messengers and Hunters and Guides.
Intelligent, goal seeking creatures (creatures
are players :)
High symbiotic interactivity amongst lifeforms

Staff Needs:


We are haping to reach literate, talented builders/imagineers,
who can build terrain/creatures/objects or are intereseted in joining
our team.

Building is done online with text-templates, or commands -
or offline with templates and there are a lot of documentation
and other resources for builders - if you're serious, we'll train
you to build in our system. This is a great opportunity for
GameMasters and those who want to be but don't have access to
local players :) Builders & GMs commit to working 4 hrs per week.


We are also seeking creative, inspired programmers to help us in
the creation of a text-based MUD environment. Weąve been active for
four years thus far, and are stable. Coding can be done on a home
PC, but having knowledge and access to Linux is preferred, and our
server can be used by all team members.

Development environment is linux. We use an RCS code tracking
system and have excellent resources and communications tools for
the team, in general, and an interesting and creative environment,
in particular.

We are seeking mature people who can solidly commit to coding on
the project at least 4 hrs per week, and who have a solid interest
in developing intricately plotted/scripted/coded world simulations.

We especially need:

Object and Creature building specialists.
People interested in automating creature simulations.
People interested in writing creature
Utility/bugfix/polishing coders.
Team Leaders with talent, style, and heart.

Our Platform:

We have an always up server, a majordomo, running on Red Hat Linux
(intel). We use a RCS code tracking system and have a good
organizational structure within the project, meaning there is web
based record-keeping and things are kept closely updated within it,
creating a resource for our coders. The code base is a radically
re-engineered aspect of an extant and obscure parent base, written
in C. Familiarity with C is a must. Preferably with *nix as well.
(Not for builders, of course ;)

We own the box, and it's dedicated to our (your :) project!

Our Goals: To create the most amazing, magical, novel and
interactive multi-user text game that we can, and to inspire and
playfully engineer, design and build the systems to support
talented players in finding a haven for their skills.

If you're looking to join a team with some exciting goals, and help
us create something that is actually different in a text-based mud,
please send me some info on yourself (thereąs a join link on our
webpage), what you're looking for, etc and we'll quickly set up
some time to chat.


Velphane, Team Lead, The Organelle Group

**A good working knowledge of C is required (coders), a sense of
teamwork, and the ability to work a minimum of about 4 hrs/week on
the project. Our project is currently 'hobbyist' class, so we're
all volunteers.

Hrielith is an evolving, intelligent simulation.


Dec 16, 2002, 6:19:13 PM12/16/02
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what u think raz...@hotmail.com
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