Need the address to the highlands MUD

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Mar 3, 2003, 8:55:51 PM3/3/03
There is a MUD I used to play a long time ago called Hignlands, or at
least at the time it was called the Highlands 2. It used to be on a
server in Temple University in Philadelphia. Its home page is, but has no instructions on how to get into it. I
tried telneting to and I get a request for a simple
password. Failing that I get requested a user name and password and
can't get past that. Not sure if thats just barking up a tree.

So, anyone still play this MUD or know where I can find how to get in?
I haven't MUDed in a long time and can't find any old resources on MUDs
and don't know where to find new ones.

Please email me at deviladv (at)

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