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Sebastian Hammer

Feb 2, 1991, 7:35:14 PM2/2/91

The contents of this posting won't come as a surprise for the many people
who already know and play our game (we love y'all!). To the rest of you, this
is to announce that we now consider DikuMUD sufficiently free of flaws to be
declared open to the public. The game is a revival of the 'old' mud-tradition,
where the players play with the monsters and puzzles; the immortals play with
the players and eachother; and the gods build and maintain the game - of course
paying close
attention to the creative input from the two former groups. We keep things this
way to ensure that the concept and topology of the world remains consistent.
We consider playing in groups to be one of the more important (entertaining,
that is) aspects of mudding, and hence the game includes various features,
especially designed to make group-adventuring more fun and rewarding: Four
different classes of players, with various abilities; a system which allows
members of a group to share the score made at a kill; and lots of other stuff.

If you belong to the kind of people who find adventuring and role-playing more
fun than hacking, or if the stuff above has aroused your curiosity, please drop

DikuMUD runs on: (IP:, port 4000.



God, Papi, Stormbringer, Superwoman, and Quinn.


The daily joke:

We hereby declare DikuMUD free of bugs.

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