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Jul 7, 2003, 1:41:19 PM7/7/03
On the North continent of Pern, we're just moving into mid-winter. Food
stores have been settled in and tithes sent to the Weyr to prepare for the
long, deep cold and freedom from Thread in the skies on chilliest of days.
This winter, a strong storm-pattern has developed and the Weyr is struck
again and again. Ceristh has just risen - in the middle of one of those
winter storms - and been caught by bronze Perymith once again, and the
Weyr begins to ready itself for a new clutch.

Fort Weyr is a diverse area filled with old and new players alike,
incorporating people who are new to MUSHing and those people who're old
hands. We welcome anyone who likes to role-play and have a good time!
Interested in checking us out? Then why not come on over?

Silverskies has two weyrs on different continents: North: Fort Weyr;
mountainous and chill during most of the year, South: Monaco Weyr, seaside
and tropical climes. In addition, the Mush has a hold: Fort, and two
crafthalls: Harper and Healer Halls. Any craft is available for interested
people however! The Mush is set within the 10th Pass of Pern at 5560, web:

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