BatMUD flies to another location

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Janne Fr|sen

5.4.1991 klo 7.47.465.4.1991

LPMUD that was running in and later in has now found a new and better location.

New host is, a MIPS rc6280 machine which can run the
MUD quite a bit faster than the old hosts. The game will be
open 24h/day now too.

To connect: telnet 2001 (note the port!)

All old playerfiles (~3200 players) and all wizard directories
(~90 wizards) will be moved and unchanged.

BatMUD was opened 12 Apr 1990 and it's going to stay online.


PS. sorry if you got this message twice, the first posting had
wrong IP number, and cancelling is known to be buggy.
-- (Janne "_ J_ a_ f" Fr|sen) Helsinki University of Tech., CS

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