Pokeing a snake up my vagina 6810

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Apr 14, 2004, 3:11:31 PM4/14/04

<ju...@vf.shawcable.net> wrote in message

> I have posted pictures of me masterbating with a snake whilst my
girlfirend sucks my titties. Enjoy this set ;)

I like how this was posted to all the rec.games groups. cos, like, everyone
KNOWS that gamers as a demographic are MUCH more likely to enjoy watching
some woman shoving live reptiles* up her jacksie.

the diseased mind of Al Derby / http://www.h8r.net/al/
"My rights are 100% as free as they were before
the war on terror started, the Iraqi people are free
and are experiencing an upswing in standard of
living, and the Afghan people are experiencing
the same." - Erik Setzer, rgmw 04/04

* at least, I hope it's alive

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