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David B Livingstone

Dec 20, 1994, 5:46:09 AM12/20/94
Subject: Sojourn...Read this


Sojourn has now set up 2 systems until Jan 1st (day of the pwipe) 9999 is the old system with mana etc... 9999 is the development site with new skills/spell system
and pkill.

The reason the code was put in..was because they needed to test how the
system would work..NO one ever said that was final code etc..there are
tons of changes coming still....more spells for different classes..the
law system for pkill..etc...(Pkill was introduced with no law system
because PLAYERS demanded it..not just 5 or 10 or 20 people...but TONS of

The code needed to be tested with players of different levels so it could
be seen what needs to be changed. Ive played my character on
sojourn...its hard..but the key is..once we gauge how hard...then the
mobs will be further lowered to put things back into perspective. Other
changes can come..and lots already have. I have also tried some newbies....

Anyways.. What i'm trying to get at is that there are changes
coming..Gond and Torm and all the other gods involved are working at
fixing things up...we know some stuff is hard and some is easy...etc.

What we asked was that you give it a chance...its a BETA test mud..if you
are playing are there to TEST the mud. However, like
everywhere...there are those of you who slam any changes that come in
that aren't perfect for you 100% of the time...well we can't do that if
we don't know how balanced/unbalanced it is....there are 2 weeks till the
pwipe / opening and some things HAD to be tested now..whether they were
done or not.
(I'm not saying everyone is a whiner either for you flamers out
there....I am saying...Give the system a your findings
without just swearing over global channels and cussing everyone out.)

As for help files, they are not done..just as not all spells are done,
etc. I think several gods have tried to help players as much as
possible. You can't really have help files for spells / system that has
already changed SEVERAL times since it was implemented...

Also remember that it isn't just Sojourn opening coming up, Kris has a
BUSINESS...yeah real life..that requires several of the greater gods near
full attention to get it, so a lot of them arent' around all the
time..though that's why there are other gods....

As for those who complained about cost...well for now..spells and skills
are absolutely free so you can learn / test the mud. Like I said...we
need to TEST the system to see what is right / wrong...we know that the
spells cost too much for newbies...I have personally tried several things
and have helped everyone get the stuff they require to get started on the
mud. Once again..there are those of you who don't like what you see..and
quit...I'm sorry that you didn't like it..but I do feel you could have
given it a chance and listed problems / ideas / constructive criticism
etc...instead of first words being "FUCK THIS SUCKS" etc....

Let's see...what else.. Skills and stuff...whoever said it's based solely
on money...well no it isn't...the money can get you a very small amount
of training...the rest you earn by USING the skill...and its not like you
go cast a spell and you are go cast a LOT of spells..and
you may improve a notch...or you bash TONS..and you may get better at

As for mobs being hard...well we know that too..the key is..we have to
see HOW hard..and need to test the system to find out how much power in a
mob is too much is just right...

btw The pfiles put on the two muds are around 2 days if you were
pkilled and quit cause of should be back to how you were
before...if you want to wait for the law system before you play
pkill..then play at 9999. If you want a head start on
playing under new system...then play at 9999. If you
don't want to play Sojourn..that is fine too.

Those of you who don't think the gods know anything...well..several gods
have players on the mud...I've used my own character.i've also made
several newbies to test things out...

Changes can't really be made without knowing what needs to be changed and
by how much...

Anyways...there was lots more i wanted to say (and lots i didn't mean to
repeat..(5:40am here and i'm damn tired :). If you have any
questions..feel free to ask me....i will be on 9999 most
of the time using my new spells or helping people out.

Deneir, God of Literature, Lord of Glyphs and Images
Dracor, Duke of the Seventh Star
several newbies and low level chars too! :)

David B Livingstone

Dec 20, 1994, 3:00:58 PM12/20/94

My mistake on which code is where or the intro on sojourn to
figure out what is where on which machine with which code :).

Sorry for the confusion :).

Deneir, Dracor, +others

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