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AD: [lpmud] End of Year Party at Frontier!

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Ploi the Insane

Dec 13, 2009, 1:01:02 AM12/13/09
Time forges on and the end of another year approaches. To celebrate this
calendar change, Frontier's Gods are throwing a party. Sure, they probably
won't be around themselves (hey, we have lives, ya know!) but they've gone
and reduced the the bar's existing stock to insane prices.

Come get blotto on the original Frontier LPMUD, first established in 1991,
and host of the LPMUD Purity Test! 7680 7680

Frontier is a medieval based LP that offers:
* an original town layout with over 6500 rooms
* three (3) full-fledged guilds
* eight (8) custom built races
* an established set of over twenty-four (24) quests
* limited player-killing for those that desire it
* friendly, helpful staff

Drink often. Kill often. Killing while drinking is highly encouraged.

This message was protested by Monsters Against Drunk Dungeoners.

- Ploi the Insane

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