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Rodney Quaye

Oct 4, 2010, 1:16:35 PM10/4/10
A MUD called End-of-line is looking for a site which would be willing to
freely host it. It is based on the film TRON, but the MUD begins where
the film ends. The leader of the Red Programs, the Master Control Program,
has just been defeated by the Blue Programs, lead by Tron. But there are
still some Red Programs resisting the Blue Programs. The MUD is based on a
war between these two sides.

You can choose which side to join, and what role to play on either side. There
are 2 main roles: generals or troops. The generals manage resources: they
decide where these resources should be deployed and where battles should
occur. The troops fight the individual battles.

As far as any technical matters are concerned, the MUD LIB (i.e. the software
and software library written in LPC, CLOSURES and C) was developed from the
original LPmud 2.4.5. In total it takes up just over 10 MEGABYTES, and that
includes documentation for the players and the programmers or developers.

The MUD DRIVER (i.e. the software which interprets LPC, CLOSURES and
handles the connection of the players from the INTERNET) is an AMYLAAR
LPMUD DRIVER, version 3.2.1@130 running in COMPAT-MODE. The DRIVER is
2 MEGABYTES in size, on the PC with LINUX the MUD was developed on. But
this includes a lot of informationg for debugging, and it could be
stripped down to a quarter of that size.

If you want more information, please contact Please
include the word LPMUD in the title to help distinguish it from JUNK MAIL.


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