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AD: [lpmud] Frontier Looking For Victims

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Ploi the Insane

Feb 13, 2010, 1:01:01 AM2/13/10
Come visit Frontier LPMUD and be sure to try the LPMUD Purity Test on our
web site and see just how corrupt you really are!

First established in 1991, it was revived from a 5 year hibernation that
began in 1993, and is once again open and free to all. 7680 7680

Frontier is a medieval town where danger lurks at every turn. From the
vicious rabbits and squirrels of the newbie areas to the fearsome beasts
of the netherworld, a player is never left without a challenge.

Frontier features:

* a town with all the amenities
* over 6500 rooms to get lost in
* three professional guilds
* eight custom crafted races
* one quest for each finger and toe, butt cheek and nipple.
* wizardhood available when questing is complete
* player-killing for those that desire it
* a quirky but friendly staff

Come to play, come to quest, come to chat. Come to harrass the wizards.

- Ploi the Insane

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