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AD: [dikumud] Carrion Fields...By what name do you wish to be mourned?

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Zulghinlour Dal'Vien

Sep 20, 2010, 11:15:54 PM9/20/10
Since opening to the public on April 1, 1994, the Carrion Fields has
established itself as a great combination of roleplaying and player
killing mud. The mud has been under constant development for over 15
years based on the ROM codebase. We have 17 different races, 16
different classes, and 8 different cabals. Veterans that have tried
others games have said, "It is the multitude of race/class/
specialization combinations that bring me back. There is nothing like
the sense of accomplishment when you are immortalized in this game!"

We welcome new players
We have a specific newbie channel for helping you learn the ropes, and
a custom Academy area with dozens of small quests to help teach you
the game. 2000+ help files and a staff that knows exactly which one
to point you to when you're having trouble. A website with tons of
frequently updated information and a forum specifically for helping
new players get over the initial hurdles.

We are 100% free
No 30-day trials. No varying levels of service. We value every rule-
abiding player. No gear for dollars. No hidden fees. We won't bribe
or force you to vote for us on Top Mud Sites. Everyone plays on a
level field. If that guy just beat you down, or got picked to be
Captain of the BattleRagers over you, it's because he's better, and
not because he had an extra $50 to spend or because he's an "Iridium"

Do you want to PK?
Come challenge yourself against our veterans. We feature a huge array
of abilities and customization for every type of character. We adjust
and re-adjust things so that the game balance stays tightly focused,
and every dog can and does have their day. New players always ask
what is the "best" character to play. Veteran players know there is
no right answer.

Do you want to Roleplay?
We boast a genuine experience based on player driven, immortal
enforced, roleplaying-focused interactions. Everything is designed to
be immersive and In Character without the distracting chatter about
politics or celebrities, and no suffering through "d00dspeek". Our
staff of 20+ Immortals maintains the environment and keeps everyone
roleplaying with frequent interaction and various challenges and

Do you want to explore?
It will take you a while to adventure through the 20,000+ rooms, and
find the 150+ automated quests. When you finally reach hero there
will still be many challenges for you to face from fighting the
Ancient Dragons to challenging the Arch-Devils as you progress thorugh
the nine planes of Hell.

So come on in and find out how you can influence the history of the
Carrion Fields!

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