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Role Play as a Transformer at Dark Ages of Cybertron MUSH

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May 27, 2011, 7:46:37 PM5/27/11
Role Play as a Transformer at Dark Ages of Cybertron MUSH

In the bygone cycles, predating even the earliest of humankind's
history, war ravaged the distant planet of Cybertron. Driven by an
unquenchable thirst for power and utter domination, Megatron commands
the Decepticons in a savage conquest that has laid waste to the
planet's surface, consuming entire cities, plunging others beneath the
surface, and placing millions under his tyrannical rule.

He is opposed only by a handful of freedom fighters called the
Autobots under the command of Optimus Prime. Crystal City holds to a
true neutrality that is protected by Omega Supreme and her stalwart
defenders who rally behind him as well as their holy leader of the
Church of Primus; Solarix.

The war has sapped the energon of the planet to dangerous levels,
driving those who refuse to choose a side amongst the three factions
of Cybertron to scavenge for survival or perhaps even make the
ultimate choice of leaving their beloved Cybertron. These are dark
times for the Transformers, with open conflict pock marking the
surface while darker hungers and power gambles are made in the deep
places of the planet, away from prying eyes and threatening new
hardships in this Dark Age Of Cybertron.

Log in as a guest to: Log in: port 7775

And check out our Wiki:

Actively seeking players for both Feature Charcters (FCs) as well as
Original Characters (OCs); especially seeking active player to take on
the boss Bot himself; Optimus Prime.

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