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AD: [mux] Seasons of the Wolf

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Brendan Edwards

Apr 3, 2002, 5:49:46 PM4/3/02
Seasons of the Wolf: 1969

"The sundered realm, Ashirion, is not as it once was. Shadow grips the
shards, and the last best hope for all the races is the walled city of
Kelbarden. Dark times indeed, but in all of this, Kelbarden is the light."

Join us on Seasons of the Wolf. Running since 1997, our original-theme,
original-races, high fantasy MUX has been going through some major changes.
We'll be concentrating on some of the chaos and co-operation between races
and players that only a catastrophic event can generate. Mature players are
always welcome.

MUX: port 1969

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