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Aliza R. Panitz

Jun 18, 1993, 1:37:56 PM6/18/93
[A new game, Angband, has spun off of Moria, and generated a LOT of
traffic in - there has been a CFD for]

It seems to me that we'd do a lot better taking all of the
dungeon-adventure games, including ones that don't have their own
newsgroups like larn and omega, and reorganizing them under - recognizing the intrinsic similarities of all these
games. It would make it a lot easier for people who like one of these
games to find newsgroups about other, basically similar games, and would
finally provide a home for all those random posts about Larn and other
games of the same genre that keep popping up in and other
inappropriate places.

- Aliza, survivor of Rogue, Hack, NetHack, Moria, Larn, Angband

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