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James Mitchelhill

Nov 16, 2005, 8:24:40 AM11/16/05
So, I played most of the games and wrote reviews of them. Reviews that,
unfortunately, I've lost in a terrible partitioning accident. Here's a
couple of brief notes from memory, then:

Chancellor, as others have noted, probably suffered because it didn't
have a walkthru. Strangely, though, this worked for me. Had there been a
walkthru, I'd have turned to it and sped through. As it was, I very
nearly quit in frustration a few times. But I was still playing it after
the two hours of comp-time. The writing was excellent and the atmosphere
was delightfully dark. This was definitely my favourite game of the
comp. I'm disappointed to see it down in 9th.

Vespers followed very close behind, with excellent writing and
atmosphere that was dark, though not delightfully so. It was too
brooding to be delightful. I spotted a couple of small bugs, but the
coding was, by and large, solid. A deserving winner to this year's comp.

I'm fairly surprised at the success of Beyond, which I rated quite low
and found dull. Reading other reviews, I see that I quit fairly early

Reading others' reviews, I see that some have praised Unforgotten's
writing. This seems odd. I remember that it featured some of the worst
writing in the comp. For a few days after playing it, whenever friends
called, I'd read out lines from it that I'd noted down. Perhaps I'm
being needlessly cruel here, but I'm completely mystified how it managed
a top ten spot ahead of other games I thought were more deserving.

That's all for now.

James Mitchelhill

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