[CONTEST] First impressions, Pt 2

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Stephen Granade

Nov 26, 1996, 3:00:00 AM11/26/96

A continuation of the first message. More spoiler space to come.

Stargazer: Time worn plot--you're a young guy out to save the village.
The characters are very two-dimensional. A tiny game. Might make a good
introductory piece of IF, but needs polishing.

Beyond the Picket Fence: Cute game. Escapist fantasy. Nothing
remarkable, but I like the home-brew program.

Aayela: Another fantasy. Neat bit with the darkness. Does the game exist
for any reason other than to experiment with how darkness is handled in

The House of the Stalker: Horror, in more ways than one. "he has...raped
and killed 8 women, and two men."?!? As Arlo Guthrie said,
"Father-rapers! Right there on the bench!" The Huh-meter's needle is
permanently bent. This is becoming an exercise of "guess the verb."

Maiden of the Moonlight: Scottish fantasy. A few too many locked door
puzzles. Why "cut grass" but not "search grass?" Bad bugs are plaguing
it--I know I have to make the Maiden appear in the attic, but she won't.

Promoted!: The point&click interface gets old after a while, since I type
much faster than I use a mouse. The puzzles are revealed by the list of
verb possibilities given for each object. Nice sendup of corporate life.

Reverberations: Slangy. Some inconsistencies and missing scenery. Why
doesn't Jill care when I tell her about the thug? And why doesn't this
game know "down?" Shades of "Detective."

Alien Abduction: Some jarring responses, such as telling me I have to get
_out_ of the stump rather than off it before moving. Hey, the aliens play
Mastermind! Another bit of evidence that all aliens care about is getting
us to play abstract puzzle games.


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