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Hints needed for Curses

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Thomas R. Ridley

May 14, 1993, 3:55:56 PM5/14/93
Is anyone else playing curses by.

I'm doing fairly well, stable at 50 points with another 10
or 20 unstable points I know how to get.

But I could use some hints.

Possilbe tiny *SPOILERS* ahead but probably not.

I'm afraid i've missed something fundamental about getting
back to the attic from some of the places I've been

I'm OK with the boat and can get back from there.

I don't have any l'argent for the surly man.

I can't get back from the tower.

I can have premonition but don't know what to do.
I know what not to do however.

I can't get back from the Doktor's but I have opened
the medicine bottle.

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