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Jan 4, 1998, 3:00:00 AM1/4/98

In this section - Friday, Home, House, Lest, Lost, NewDay

Friday - Boring. I want adventure in my adventure games. This "at work"
scenario left me cold. Also it seemed hard to figure out what "normally" goes
on at this office (which is necessary to solve the puzzles) without referring
help. I did find the programming and writing (though, a bit run-on) better than
average, but I didn't feel that really compensated for an uninspired plot.

Home - An Inform Exercise. Well this one is supposed to be one, so that is
okay. I did not play it long, but the author seems to have learned the basics
of Inform, so as an exercise, this succeeds.

House - Clueless. The first thing missing was a clear description of directions
(n,e,w) the player could move. Only by stumbling around do you find
you can stumble around. I gave the author a point for knowing how to program
enough to do this much, but he needs to study other games and articles and
books on adventure game writing, to learn the basics of the genre.

Lest - Intriguing. An unusual plot, well-written and immediately attention
grabbing. Being able to add locations to your notebook and go there directly
is a nice addition. However, there were a lot of programming bugs, which ended
up being very frustrating since I was interested and wanted to proceed
forward. Also the game was not as interactive as I would have liked, I like to
participate. I would like to see this game redone with better programming. I
found this hard to rank because the programming was not up to the story.

Lost - Fun. Well-written, well-programmed and with a good and unusual hint
system. In fact, other than the protagonist (which I really enjoyed), I
may have liked the hint system best. When you ask for help a green door back to
your boss appears. What happens when it appears depends on where you are
and who you are with, some people can't see it and some notice it and are
disconcerted. I found all of it very amusing, so I gave it high marks.

NewDay - Unusual. This is a game within a game, sort of. The author has
supposedly been killed and you are helped by a cyber-creature in the game,
whom the author designed. I found it very intriguing until I actually got into
searching for the author. At that point I had a lot of problems with the
puzzles, which are unclear. I also found this hard to rank, it needs more work.


Jan 5, 1998, 3:00:00 AM1/5/98

Note: I accidentially switched the reviews for Home and House. Sorry.

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