Spanish Annual IF comp (Theme: Monster comp)

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Nov 24, 2008, 1:19:55 PM11/24/08
Hi all:

The 2008 comp of Spanish games has come and gone, with only four
participants (to have new four games to play is a success here):

The official site in our wiki, for everyone who can understand

The list of the games and a brief synopsis follows:

* Ofrenda a la Pincoya by Incanus
* Alien by Alpha Aventuras
* El Espíritu de la Sidra by Radin
* Vardock Bates by pipo98

"Ofrenda a la Pincoya": The creek of "chiloé" (southern region of
Chile) has suffered a very bad season. The fishing is scarce, and a
sea storm is coming that could devastate what little is left of the
fishermen. Lucho, one of the youngest fishermen, has decided to risk
his life to recover the favour of the Pincoya, so she can bring back
prosperity to the creek.

"Alien": a game inspired by the films. A colony of miners has stopped
sending or receiving signals. You, accompanied by a marine, are sent
to investigate what's the matter.

"El Espíritu de la Sidra": The dawn comes, and you extend your arm
looking for his body, but you find only cold and empty sheets… The
search for your lover will submerge you in the fantastic world of the
most beautiful legend of Cantabrian mythology (Spanish region), most
beautiful… and most dangerous.

"Vardock Bates": A vampiric tale. You wake up alone in a tight and
dark place, unable to discern if you have your eyes closed or open.

The result of the comp is as follows:

* Most horrifying (the best ambience): Alien by Alpha Aventuras.
* Most amazing (most original monster): El Espíritu de la Sidra by
* Most Monstrous (better treatment of a monster): El Espíritu de
la Sidra by Radin.

* Library's mouse (best documentation): Ofrenda a la Pincoya by

* Best of the comp (better overall score): Ofrenda a la Pincoya de


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