Superbrief hits (another angle on the IF competition)

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Lelah Conrad

Jan 5, 1998, 3:00:00 AM1/5/98

I didn't find out about the IF competition till November, and so
didn't have time to play the games. What I did do however was
download the set and read the first page of most of them. Here's my
exact one-word notes on what appealed to me from the first screen, so
that I'd remember which ones to play later. Maybe the authors are

Tempest, no
Tdragon, no
Sylvenius, no
Spring, maybe
Reflect, maybe, yes
Pizza, no, but cute
Pintown, no
Newday, yes [in fact, this one so captivated me I got sidetracked and
played it for awhile -- very compelling opening, I thought]
Mimesis, no
Lost, no
Legacy, maybe
Lest, yes
House, maybe
Home, no

Now that I've read reviews I'm going to back and look at a
number of them again, of course. Also, I realize that I didn't check
all of them -- I think I was too disorganized as a first time user of
the set of games.


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