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Mathias Maul

Nov 16, 2000, 3:00:00 AM11/16/00
Hi folks,

for some (not all!) of the games I really liked, I've put together my
impressions below. For the most part, I emailed the authors directly
after having finished their respective games, but ... well, just in case
anyone else is interested:

In alphabetical order:

Asendent --- I wonder which kind of fungi the authors live on. The quest
for the BLUE RASPERRY is not as entertaining as the one for the
PITCHFORK!!, but at least as pleasantly strange. Unfortunately, too
short. [6]

Being Andrew Plotkin. --- Short, sweet and ingenious, great ideas and
implementation. Though I probably understood just a few of the many
references to other games, I enjoyed it very, very, very much. [9]

Breaking the code --- Next to the legendary RSA tattoo, probably the
nicest way to encapsulate code. Not very much i-f, but a nice idea. [6]

Guess the Verb --- The author's way to mix game comments and
meta-comments is as great as the overall atmosphere and language. Some
really good and, behold, new ideas. [9]

Prodly the Puffin --- Just cool. Wonderfully deranged, nutty, sick
humor. Omni-present beak. Puzzles that force you to think outside the
standard i-f box. Aching stomach after having laughed so much. [9]

Stupid Kittens --- A beautifully strange, surreal (or is it?) piece of
i-f. I especially liked the, erm, endgame. Many good ideas that could be
expanded. [7]

Transfer --- My favourite. A blend of intelligent puzzles, captivating
plot, and a perfect freedom-of-action vs.
being-led-through-the-storyline ratio makes the gameplay flow perfectly
smoothly. This is one of the very few competition games that got me
hooked to the computer for more than half an hour. Great! [10]

Things or games I did not like included ...

... the old you-cannot-carry-so-and-so-many-things-
and-have-to-rearrange-your-inventory-constantly "puzzle" which I find
just plainly annoying. If I encountered a game that used this, and if
the game was mediocre in other respects, I chose to quit instantly
rather than suffer. I can't remember the specific game(s?) that had
this, however.

... having a dream at the beginning of a game was nice in Enchanter, and
maybe in two or three others, but IMO, that should be it. Not a major
fault, but ... well, too obvious.

A major fault IMO however, was "Jarod's Journey." [1] Well, there
is always the Quit button and trash can. Pity that I can't remove this
thing from my CD-ROM. (Or didn't I get the irony?)

Well, these are my two zorkmids. For the most part: Well done! Looking
forward to the next comp ...


Work like you don't need the money. Dance like
nobody's watching. Love like you've never been hurt.

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