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Rob Shaw-Fuller

Nov 19, 2002, 12:07:51 AM11/19/02
I'm gratified to see that my favorite two games from the Comp placed first
and second. It makes me feel like I have good taste, or something. :)

Big congratulations to all of the Comp '02 entrants, and big thanks to the
Comp organizers and judges. This was my first IFComp, and it was a lot of

It was also a learning experience. ;) While I am very flattered to note
that several people liked the style and concepts of my entry, Identity
Thief, I am also chagrinned to notice that so many people accurately
deduced that it was quite a bit rushed toward the end. I got a fair amount
of feedback from players *during* the Comp, and I have read the post-Comp
reviews with great interest. As soon as possible, I hope to upload a
version 2 of Identity Thief to the IF Archive. Items to be addressed
include: reworking the driving syntax, subtle changes to the "walkthrough"
ending to make it more even with the other endings, disabling TAKE ALL,
providing some better clues (and more solution syntax) for the puzzles, and
some bugfixes. A little voice in the back of my head is telling me to add
a Space Moose, but I think I'll just add a help menu instead. :)

Again, I want to give big congrats and thanks to everyone associated with
Comp '02! Playing the games was almost as much fun as writing my own
entry. I can hardly wait for Adam's Spring Thing.

Rob Shaw-Fuller
(or robshawfuller-at-cox-dot-net)

Rob Shaw-Fuller

Nov 18, 2002, 6:07:51 PM11/18/02
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