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Weyfour WWWWolf (Urpo Lankinen)

Feb 26, 1999, 3:00:00 AM2/26/99
Yessss! At last a good cross-post to present you the...

CR3T1NZ Advisory
Evil Crosspost Award

(Though we have seen enough evil cross-posting this month... this was
just the message that made me to get angry enough to do this.)

Now, you might be wondering, what the hell is RGRNCA ECA? Well,
usually I don't reply to all crossposted groups, but ECA messages will
be. Why? Because their goal of life is to spread to the d00dal
regexper's Groups that Caught, and spread this message:

rec.games.roguelike.nethack is a newsgroup devoted to discussion
about a Rogue-like game called NetHack. It's not, and never will be,
a cracker newsgroup, so it's no use to send any cracker-related
stuff to the group. You will just get us angry, and RGRNCA will
hound you like no tomorrow, your ISP will love to hear about you,
and your life will turn to a hell.


On Fri, 26 Feb 1999 00:13:08 +0100, Popov <po...@mailexcite.com> wrote:

> This is a multi-part message in MIME format.


> MP3 Direct Download'z from this message...

Excellent. Some mistakes:
1) Not a good place for an aposthrophe because it's not a possessive
2) It's a s, not a z.
3) Hardly a direct download, unless you're sitting at the same
network with one hop from the machine.

> (Snip several names I've never heard of - I'm clearly spending too
> much time with digital music - and URLs to the sites carrying
> illegally copied MP3 files)

Good that you told us... This will be another loooooooooong abuse
report. I might need to buy a new shelf for all those skulls!

> To be Continued...
> please remember that if you listen a song more than 1 time, you should
> buy the record...

Ugh. Excellent. Hey, if I cut one second off from the end, so that I
never got to listen to the *whole* song, do I still need to buy the
original record?

Now folks, read that above line again. That's what you get when bogus
claims (that a MP3 file must be nuked within 24 hours after download
unless you own the original - that's correct only if the copyright
holder has permitted it, BTW) will mutate over time.

::grabs the d00d from the neck, and peers deep into the eyes::
You will be very, very popular soon, moron.

::drags the d00d out, and as sure as hell, we hear the burst of fire
soon. WWWWolf comes back to the cafe.::

That grammatic blunder was hilarious. Never laughed this much when
sending hints to the admins.

- Signed, WWWWolf of
rec.games.roguelike.nethack CR3T1NZ advisory (Mobile Unit), Vestrum
Excrucibo (Our battlecry: "Wrong Newsgroup, pal!")

WWWWolf (known to some as Urpo Lankinen), just another lupine technomancer
<www...@iki.fi> <URL:http://www.iki.fi/wwwwolf/> ICQ:4291042 -==(RGRNCA)==-

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