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John W. Kennedy

Jan 11, 2004, 7:32:03 PM1/11/04
Forged and spammed, originating in Germany. wrote:

> Governor Howard Dean is married to a Jewish woman and their children are being
> brought up in the Jewish faith. This has little relevancy for domestic matters, but its
> impact of foreign relations cannot be ignored, especially in an age where our
> greatest foreign policy challenge is repairing relations with the Muslim world.
> -
> Just something to think about, as the press has been less than forthcoming on
> this extremely relevant facet of this candidates profile.
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John W. Kennedy
"But now is a new thing which is very old--
that the rich make themselves richer and not poorer,
which is the true Gospel, for the poor's sake."
-- Charles Williams. "Judgement at Chelmsford"

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