1980 through 2001 Kido Yearbooks for sale (COMMERCIAL)

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Lawrence Gross

Sep 30, 2001, 6:09:36 PM9/30/01
Posted for Bob Terry

Offered for sale: Complete set of 1980 through 2001 KIDO Go Yearbooks

For decades the Nihon Kiin, the Japanese Go Association, has
offered a
special, yearly edition of its flagship publication, which it entitles
the Go
Yearbook. This publication was originally designed to showcase the
activities of the organization by presenting the top games, players and
events promoted that year. At first, the book was just an extra copy of
the monthly version, but containing many more games and an index of
players with their biographies and photographs. But in the 1980s the
Kiin got serious about the Go Yearbook and greatly expanded it. And in
the 1990s, special historical articles were added to each edition to
increase the value of the books even further. The Go Yearbook now
represents a major publishing event in the Kiin's schedule.

Each Go Yearbook contains approximately 400 professional games,
under strict tournament conditions among the top players in the world.
If one wants to study go at its best, there is no better resource
available. The original printed versions retailed in the West for up to

Each Go Yearbook is 10 inches by 7 1/4 inches in size and contains
between 467 and 588 pages. (Except for the 1980 edition, which is 8 1/4
by 5 7/8 inches and contains 350 pages.)

Original prices for the Go Yearbooks were as follow: 1980 = 1600
yen; 1981
through 1988 = 28,000 yen; 1989 through 1992 = 34,000 yen; 1993 through
1996 = 43,000 yen; 1997-1998 =42,000 yen; 1999 through 2001 = 40,000

Offered for sale by:

Robert J. Terry
5374 E. Village Rd.
Long Beach, CA 90808

Tel. (562) 420-9503
Fax (562) 496-3457
E-mail: rjter...@hotmail.com

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