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Trent Fisher

Apr 10, 1991, 1:55:01 PM4/10/91
I have recently started setting up an FRP archive here at Portland
State. The archive is on '' []
in the directory 'pub/frp'.

Since I play AD&D, most of the materials are for that game. However, I
will welcome any contributions which are for other game systems.

This archive is still being set up, and, as such, the structure is
still in flux. The current contents are:

Welcome Periodic postings to
Resources by
campaign-info Campaign setting info from many people on USENET
char-sheets Character sheets (many game systems)
maps Miscelaneous maps, graph paper, etc.
src Various source code
stories Works of fiction
net-spellbook from St. Olaf
tourn Webs of Deceit

If you have anything to contribute, dump it in ../../tmp and send me mail
telling me what it is and where you think it should go.

Trent A. Fisher, Systems Manager/Administrator/Programmer
Portland State University
Computer Science Dept. {ucbvax, uunet}!tektronix!pdxgate!trent
"Don't ask me how it works, or I'll start to whimper." -- Arthur Dent

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