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Jan 4, 2021, 11:48:55 AMJan 4
Osprey Publishing, them of those colorful books about different soldiers
through the ages, have recently published Reality's Edge. It's a
cyberpunk miniatures game with some rpg elements. I guess basically like
their previous game Frostgrave, just with guns and cybernetic augments
and augmented reality.

To be fair I am still working on my fantasy minis, so I don't really
think there is a lot of ways for me to get into a cyberpunk setting for
that as well, but my mind was working a bit on that. You could, for
example, get a few simple minis for your runners and the opposition, and
a lot of architectural minis for additional civilians and/or matrix
constructs. Some toy cars from the shop (or my son's box of toy cars) as
scenery. Lots of ideas just from the idea to have what amounts to
Shadowrun as a mini game.

Actually Osprey seems to have gone become quite prolific with new
miniature games. They also are publishing Oathmark, Dragon Rampant, and
a few other historical games.
Also En Garde! which does not seem to be the old roleplaying game of the
same name, but a miniature game with similar themes.
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