Vecna v Acererak v Larloch? Who's The Most Powerful Lich?

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Apr 11, 2019, 5:53:32 AM4/11/19
Forgotten Realms creator Ed Greenwood was recently asked who was the
most powerful lich: Vecna, Acererak, or Larloch. Here was his reply!

"Heh. I've been asked this many times before, and although part of me
wonders what's the point of all "who's more powerful?" questions, the
answer is: it depends. In terms of raw personal BATTLE power, the
answer is likely Vecna. Though so much of his power is vested in his
Hand and his Eye that unless they can all be in one place, Larloch
might pack more punch. Not that he would fight toe-to-toe in battle,
because that isn't Larloch's way; he views liches who do that as idiot
failures. Larloch's way is to manipulate from behind the scenes to lead
anyone seeking him, or trying to cross him, astray, so they never come
into contact with him. If need be, he'd hurl his many, many servitor
liches at them, most of whom are personally more powerful than

Larloch and Vecna both have a wider reach and influence on the worlds
around them than Acererak, so if you're measuring that way, Acererak is
left behind. But when it comes to measuring Larloch and Vecna against
each other in terms of influence, it's a matter of style: Vecna has the
greater fear-reputation and is "noisier," and Larloch is more the
master manipulator, who works unseen. As in, you may never know how
much he's affected you. I can only go by what Elminster (and on rare
occasions Storm, or Laeral, or Volo[!]) tell me of the Realms, and the
three Chosen of Mystra all think Larloch (even wherever he is now,
bested by the Srinshee) is the greater threat. As El put it, "Vecna is
a bogeyman, and his relics do harm. Larloch undresses thee and ye never
even know it." Larloch plays the longer game, and is more patient and
empathic and has a greater understanding of the multiverse, whereas
Vecna is more self-centered. I trust El's judgment, because I must;
without it, none of us know ANYTHING about the Realms.

Acererak is feared throughout the multiverse because he's an almost-
always-active destructive force. However, that's a one-trick pony.
"Hah! I shall destroy you TWICE!!!" ;}"

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