Starting to make a new role-playing system -- Scientific Role Playing System

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Nov 19, 2020, 5:09:16 PM11/19/20
I am working on writing a new role playing system, called Scientific Role
Playing System. Unfortunately I have not written a lot yet, but would like
others who are interested to help with it too. (It is my intention that
real scientists and real martial artists can help with it, too.)

This system is in the public domain, and is written using TeX, and using
Fossil for version control. Anyone who is interested can post a follow-up
message. I have also set up my own NNTP to discuss SciRPS specifically.

While it does involve more mathematics than other systems, there is the
intention that as many things as possible can be figured out ahead of time
in order to avoid slowing the game too much. (Worked examples would be
given for some common cases, and expansion books would give the results
for the common stuff in those settings.)

Only a few rules are written so far (although I will occasionally add
more), and some existing things may change. There are probably mistakes
in what is currently written, anyways, so it will need to be corrected.

This is intended to be a universal and generic system, so it could be used
for nearly any kind of story. Some things will be included in core rules,
although many things will be needed in expansion books (including actual
price lists, rules for special things for those settings, etc).

It is also intended to be a scientific system; therefore mostly everything
is using SI units (although specific settings may have their own units,
but conversion ratios will be given where applicable), and the things
being done which are realistic would use reasonably realistic rules when
possible (of course, magic etc will be difference), and the rules should
not be made illogical.

Also, some of the TeX codes it uses are stuff that someone who is writing
something else with TeX might find useful too.

The Fossil repository is at:
If you have Fossil installed, you can clone it using that URL.

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Jibini Kula Tumbili Kujisalimisha

Nov 19, 2020, 5:37:19 PM11/19/20
Let me guess: This used to be called HybridRPG, right? wrote in
Terry Austin

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Nov 19, 2020, 6:37:28 PM11/19/20
Jibini Kula Tumbili Kujisalimisha <> wrote:
> Let me guess: This used to be called HybridRPG, right?

No, it never had any other name; unless I had forgotten, I have not heard
of anything called "HybridRPG". Do you have a citation?

Jun 24, 2021, 12:01:08 PMJun 24

I think your icon should be Rosalind Franklin in a white lab coat pouring something onto a waffle.
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