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Peter D. Adkison

Jul 6, 1993, 1:04:22 AM7/6/93
I just got back from Origins last night. Wow, what a blast! While I
hear that many considered the convention a disaster (attendance, and
consequently sales, were very low), we did very well.

We got the cards for our new card game, Magic: The Gathering, and ran
demo games at our booth and in the open gaming area. It was a big
hit. Even though we didn't have complete games we could sell (Belgium
is still printing the boxes), we took more advance sales in one hour
than the entire rest of our product line throughout the whole
convention. But I don't want to brag; there were several netters
there so I'll let them tell you what they thought.

I was so busy running demo games though that I didn't make it to
either the Origins awards or the Game Critics awards. If anyone has a
list of nominations and winners in either of these I'd love to hear
about it.

Peter D. Adkison
Janitor, Wizards of the Coast

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