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Hit points again

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Roger Musson

May 28, 1997, 3:00:00 AM5/28/97

> In article <5jqs8k$fs5$>, "Patrick M. Berry"
> <> writes
> >
> >The best solution to this I've ever seen was an article by Roger Musson
> >called "How to Lose Hit Points . . . and Survive" (published in issue
> >15 of "White Dwarf" and reprinted in "Best of White Dwarf Articles
> >Volume II").

[ snip ]

Oho! I came across this quite by accident as I don't follow this
group. However, I'm delighted to see that I'm not quite forgotten. You
have to bear in mind that the article referred to was written about 20
years ago when the frp situation was different to what it is today. I
later switched to playing Dragonquest, which does distinguish between
fatigue damage and wound damage. Now I'm working on my own set of
rules, which I may dump on the Web somewhere if I ever get them

Best wishes to all of you.

Roger Musson

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