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Rob Repp not official TSR rep

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Wayne J. Rasmussen

Oct 3, 1994, 7:01:15 PM10/3/94

I just received a letter from someone, who will remain anonymous, who
works at TSR. Part of it is in response to my query regarding this whole
TSR on internet issue. In particular, it is a response to my query
regarding Mr. Repp's "official" status.

The letter generally states that Mr. Repp is an ex-TSR employee and as
far as my contact knows, does not speak for TSR. It also say that TSR
has no official presence on Internet.

As a personal note: perhaps those persons interested in such things would
like to fax the president of TSR regarding this issue. I have the
following fax # for TSR: 414/248-0389

Hope this helps,

Robert Blanchard

Oct 4, 1994, 12:00:33 AM10/4/94
Wayne J. Rasmussen ( wrote:
: Hello,


Oct 4, 1994, 4:14:03 PM10/4/94
In article <>, (Wayne J. Rasmussen)


Hmm... did Rob Repp just join the ranks of the unemployed and freelance
Monday? Is your source someone high up at TSR, Wayne, and the news just
hasnt filtered down yet? Ive got my own anonymous source in the room with
me right now, and he says that Rob still seems to be working there.


Rob Repp

Oct 4, 1994, 1:20:25 PM10/4/94
In article <>, (Wayne J. Rasmussen)

I'm not real sure where you get your info, Wayne, but I'd look into a
better source if I were you. Anyone interested can still reach me at my
office, extension 264.

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Veggie Boy

Oct 4, 1994, 3:55:54 PM10/4/94
Soory, he _is_ an official TSR rep - I just called TSR and they
transferred me over to him. He's real ... I spoke to him.
Whoever told you this silly rumor is either wrong or pulling
you leg.

Sean K Reynolds a.k.a. Veggie Boy
"You think you're so smart, but I've seen you naked,
"I'll probably see you naked again." 'Blame it on me', BareNaked Ladies

Jeff Kesselman

Oct 12, 1994, 2:42:11 PM10/12/94
In article <36sd2b$>,

I don't know if it helps any, but as of last GenCon, Mr. Repp is VERY
much a TSR person. I work for a major video-game company and when i
started inquring about the status of the TSR computer game license and if
we might be able to do business, he was one of the people i was sent to.

(Hi Robb! I'm still trying to convince the marketers that ther market
exists, but I haven't given up yet...)

Jeff Kesselman

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