[SR2] Fitting the curve; assigning a binomial to Essence and Cost for non-linear cyberwear values

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Apr 9, 2020, 1:01:07 PM4/9/20
While working on a spreadsheet for ShadowRun2 chargen, I had trouble with
cyberwear eessence and prices that were not linear with the level selected.

For example:
Wired Reflexes:
Level l 2 Essence 55,OOO¥
Level 2 3 Essence 165,OOO¥
Level 3 5 Essence 5OO,OOO¥

Rather than enter each level as a seperate entity, I generated functions
for a parabola passing through three points with the level and cost as
coridinates. I guess all those math classes I took for my degree paid off!

Boosted Reflexes:
Cost = 1000*(12.5*(a_Ratings^2)-12.5*a_Ratings+15)
Essence loss = 0.4*(a_Ratings^2)-0.5*a_Ratings+0.6

Dermal Plating:
Cost = (10.5*(a_Ratings^2)-22.5*a_Ratings+18)*1000

Vehicle Control Rig:
Cost = 1000*(96*(a_Ratings^2)-240*a_Ratings+156)

Wired Reflexes:
Cost = 1000*(112.5*(a_Ratings^2)-227.5*a_Ratings+170)

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