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Aug 17, 2017, 11:47:19 AM8/17/17
While the govemment huddled with the megacorporations to plan their
strategy, Howling Coyote's people had quietly begun their own
solution to the "Indian question." It Is now known that the Great
Ghost Dance began in 2017, as men and women of the tribes all across
the continent performed the ritual that Howling Coyote had taught
them. They sang his songs and chanted his chants. Their power grew.

When the government moved to implement the Resolution Action of20
16, several months of freak weather and other uncanny disturbances
disrupted military bases and supply dumps assigned to the plan. With
each new delay, the president sacked another general, but refused to
commit his forces piecemeal. By August 17, 2017, the government had
finally managed to assemble its troops, and the operation began to

That moming, at 10:32 A.M. Pacific Standard TIme, Mount Hood, Mount
Rainier, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Adams ali erupted in
cataclysmic fury. Mother Earth had announced whose side she was on,
and even the most skeptical became believers.l
became believers.

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