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[ANNOUNCE] Hero joins R. Talsorian Games!!!

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Apr 26, 1996, 3:00:00 AM4/26/96


R. Talsorian and Hero
Announce Publishing Agreement

Berkeley, CA. April 25, 1996 -- R. Talsorian Games and Hero Games jointly
announced today that RTG will publish and distribute Hero Games products
worldwide. "This agreement is a great step forward for both companies,"
stated Mike Pondsmith, president of R. Talsorian Games, well-known
creators of groundbreaking RPG releases such as Cyberpunk, Mekton and the
1995 Origins Award winner Castle Falkenstein. "We're bringing together the
top products in several key roleplaying genres to create an unmatched
product line. This is going to give all our fans access to a whole new
universe of possibilities." The first products resulting from this
agreement are expected this fall.

Hero Games, creators of the hit Champions RPG and its related Fantasy
Hero, Danger International and Cyber Hero spinoffs, is equally pleased
with the deal. With over 1 million Champions products sold since its first
release in 1981, Champions is undisputedly the leading superhero RPG on
the market. "We're very excited to be working with our friends at R.
Talsorian Games," noted Steve Peterson, Hero Games partner and co-designer
of the Hero System with George MacDonald. "We've known them for many
years, and we have a great mutual respect for each other's work."

The agreement calls for Hero Games to work jointly with R. Talsorian Games
in producing Hero products. "Hero fans will be pleased to know that Bruce
Harlick will continue to be the Hero Line Editor," noted Peterson. "Now
we'll combine RTG's leading-edge graphics and stylistic skills with
top-notch writers under Bruce's leadership. The resulting products will be

The first Hero products from RTG are expected sometime this fall. "We are
taking this golden opportunity to re-examine our entire product line,"
stated Peterson. "We want our new Hero products to be exceptional, so
we're taking exceptional care." An announcement of the new product
schedule will be made in the near future.

Cooperation between RTG and Hero will go far beyond working together on
product releases. "This isn't going to be a one way thing," noted
Pondsmith. "Our two companies both have strong talents in different areas,
and we plan to work closely together to take advantage of those strengths.
Together, we're going to do some amazing things."

Peterson agreed "This teamup with RTG is just the beginning. This year
promises to be the most exciting time in the history of Hero Games."
Besides this new publication agreement, Hero Games will also be launching
a new division, Hero Plus, producing Hero products in electronic form, for
distribution on disk via mail order. Hero Plus is slated to begin
operation early in 1996. Hero Games has also reached a licensing agreement
with Gold Rush Games to produce sublicenced Hero System products. Mike
Pondsmith of Talsorian commented, "At RTG, we have a long and successful
history of sublicensors producing high quality projects; having worked
with Gold Rush ourselves, we're certain that Hero fans will love these new
releases just as much as the core lines we will be producing with the

Current Hero Games products will continue to be available from Iron Crown
Enterprises through the end of June. "None of these products will be
reprinted in their current form," said Peterson. "However, we do intend to
make previous Hero products available in the Hero Plus format."

RTG and Hero Games have also announced a special joint on-line conference
to be held at 7:00pm. PST, on Tuesday, April 30th. The conference will be
held in the Online Gaming Forum Commons of America Online, and is open to
all interested parties.

Mike Pondsmith, R. Talsorian Games, Inc.
P.O. Box 7356, Berkeley, CA 94707
(510) 549-1373
510-549-1726 [Fax]
Email: talsorian @
r.talsorian @
Web Page:

Steve Peterson, Hero Games
P.O. Box 699
Aptos, CA 95001-0699
408-662-0536 voice/fax
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