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Pathfinder RPG Releases August 13!

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Jul 2, 2009, 4:52:15 AM7/2/09
Dear Ubiquitous,

With the August 13 release date for the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook
approaching, I'm reaching out to ask for your help. While there's a
little over a month until the book is released, we're just a few short
weeks away from shipping the books to our distributors. Why is this
important to you?

With today's difficult economy, retailers and distributors have
generally cut back on the amount of inventory that they are carrying. So
if you plan to buy your copy of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook from
any place other than from Paizo, we ask that you inform your preferred
retailer of your intention to buy from them before Monday, July 13, and
encourage them to place an order with their distributor by that date.
This will help ensure that their distributor will place an order with
us, and that you'll have a book waiting for you on August 13. Nobody
wants to see the distribution channel understocked on the Core Rulebook
on the release date; restocks can take as long as two weeks to make
their way through the distribution channel--and even longer
internationally--so a retailer who sells out might not get more copies
until September!

So if you're planning on buying from your favorite local game store,
please talk to the owner before July 13 and let him know you intend to
buy your copy of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook from him.
If you're ordering online from a place other than, please
place your preorder by July 13 so they know how many copies to order. If
we all work together, we can get the right number of books out there so
that you can get a copy of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook from the
retailer of your choice.

Those of you who are planning to subscribe to the Pathfinder RPG line or
preorder the book directly from have a bit longer: you should
place your order or start your subscription with us before August 3 to
ensure that your book will arrive as close to the release date as
possible. (We're also planning to bring plenty of copies to Gen Con in

So please take the time to let the retail venue of your choice know
about your desire to purchase the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook from them
as soon as you can.

We also wanted to let you know that the PDF of the Pathfinder RPG Core
Rulebook will be available at on August 13. We've priced it at
just $9.99, which we hope allows those who want the book in both print
and electronic form to feel that you can still support your favorite
retailer and purchase the PDF without breaking your budget. (Of course,
those who subscribe to the Pathfinder RPG line will get the PDF for free
with your Core Rulebook.)

Finally, we'd like to let you know that Paizo is celebrating our 7th
anniversary today, and we appreciate all the help that more than 52,000
of you provided by playtesting the Pathfinder RPG, and that even more of
you have provided by supporting Paizo as a company with your purchases
and friendship on our messageboards over the last seven years. Thanks!


Lisa Stevens
Paizo Publishing, LLC

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