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[Traveller] Freelance Traveller 33 September 2012 Now Available for

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Sep 12, 2012, 7:50:00 AM9/12/12

[Freelance Traveller] September 2012 Now Available for Download

The September 2012 issue of Freelance Traveller has been posted for

This month's feature article is "Underworld Characters", an expanded
character generation procedure by Harry Bryan for MegaTraveller.

We also have the usual assortment of reviews, stories, items, and so on to
make your Traveller universe richer and more interesting.

Download this latest issue at our usual places: is our main site; at our
mirror, , please select the link to
"Magazine Downloads" or click on the image of this month's cover.

Jeff Zeitlin, Editor
Freelance Traveller
The Electronic Fan-Supported
Traveller® Fanzine and Resource

®Traveller is a registered trademark of
Far Future Enterprises, 1977-2009. Use of
the trademark in this notice and in the
referenced materials is not intended to
infringe or devalue the trademark.

Freelance Traveller extends its thanks to the following
enterprises for hosting services:

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