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AD&D 2e Spelljammer Play-by-Email

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Aug 2, 2009, 8:51:52 AM8/2/09
I'm looking to recruit 4-6 reliable gamers to participate in an AD&D
2nd Ed Spelljammer PBeM. Have tried unsuccessfully over the years to
get a decent Spelljammer game going -- where have all the good gamers
gone (long time passing)?

Important to note: knowledge of Spelljammer itself is *not* required to
play. Nor is, necessarily, knowledge of the AD&D 2nd ed rules. I place
a far higher value on the quality of gamer: creativity, effective role
playing and ability to work and be friendly with other players and

I'd like this to be a longterm, ongoing game circle, with opportunities
available within the group for guest-spot DMing. I encourage a strong
emphasis on character development -- character generation is going to
be a long, deeply involved process that will involve drafting
backstory, forming connections with other players' characters, and
drawing roots into the game's setting. I want to stay away from
integrating "modular" characters created for other games or settings,
unless said characters are malleable enough to fit seamlessly into this
campaign's storyline.

The campaign will center on a homebrewed sphere, but will incorporate
traditional and familiar elements of the Spelljammer setting.

This will be a campaign run with AD&D 2nd edition rules, though I'm a
fairly accomodating DM and I'm willing to work with players who prove
themselves to be creative, funny and enthusiastic.

For more information, you can:
-Reply to this post
-Email me at MPBeMRecruit-at-gmail-dot-com

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