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Big Changes At White Wolf Following Controversy

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Nov 23, 2018, 10:18:28 AM11/23/18
Following an online backlash regarding the content of their recent
publications, White Wolf Publishing has just announced some big changes,
including the suspension of the Vampire 5th Edition Camarilla and Anarch
books, and a restructuring of management.

White Wolf's Shams Jorjani made the following announcement about an hour

"Hello everyone,

My name is Shams Jorjani, VP of Business Development at Paradox
Interactive and interim manager at White Wolf Publishing. I
wanted to inform you of some changes that will be implemented at
White Wolf, starting immediately.

Sales and printing of the V5 Camarilla and Anarch books will be
temporarily suspended. The section on Chechnya will be removed
in both the print and PDF versions of the Camarilla book. We
anticipate that this will require about three weeks. This means
shipping will be delayed; if you have pre-ordered a copy of
Camarilla or Anarchs, further information will follow via e-mail.

In practical terms, White Wolf will no longer function as a
separate entity. The White Wolf team will be restructured and
integrated directly into Paradox Interactive, and I will be
temporarily managing things during this process. We are
recruiting new leadership to guide White Wolf both creatively
and commercially into the future, a process that has been
ongoing since September.

Going forward, White Wolf will focus on brand management. This
means White Wolf will develop the guiding principles for its
vision of the World of Darkness, and give licensees the tools
they need to create new, excellent products in this story world.
White Wolf will no longer develop and publish these products
internally. This has always been the intended goal for White
Wolf as a company, and it is now time to enact it.

The World of Darkness has always been about horror, and horror
is about exploring the darkest parts of our society, our culture,
and ourselves. Horror should not be afraid to explore difficult
or sensitive topics, but it should never do so without
understanding who those topics are about and what it means to
them. Real evil does exist in the world, and we can’t ever
excuse its real perpetrators or cheapen the suffering of its
real victims.

In the Chechnya chapter of the V5 Camarilla book, we lost sight
of this. The result was a chapter that dealt with a real-world,
ongoing tragedy in a crude and disrespectful way. We should have
identified this either during the creative process or in editing.
This did not happen, and for this we apologize.

We ask for your patience while we implement these changes. In
the meantime, let’s keep talking. I’m available for any and all
thoughts, comments and feedback, on"

White Wolf is currently own by Paradox Interactive, who acquired the
World of Darkness rights in 2015 from previous owner CCP (who you might
know from Eve Online) whose plans for a WoD MMO failed to bear fruit.

The recent Camarilla and Anarch books have met widespread criticism. The
former, Camarilla, includes a section which appears to trivialise current
real-life events in Chechnya, where the LGBTQ community is being
persecuted, tortured, and murdered and uses that current tragedy as a
backdrop for the setting. This comes after the company was forced to deny
links to neo-Nazi ideology. White Wolf recently announced that "White
Wolf is currently undergoing some significant transitions up to and
including a change in leadership. The team needs a short time to
understand what this means, so we ask for your patience as we figure out
our next steps" and this appears to be the result of that decision.

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