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Steffan O'Sullivan

Aug 12, 2009, 12:43:03 AM8/12/09

In case you haven't heard, there's a new RPG website up:

This is the RPG version of, which many boardgamers
feel is the best boardgame site around. It's become a real community
to many boardgamers. is still new, so we don't yet have all RPGs entered
into the database. That will take a while, and may even need your
help. As I type this, we have about 8,500 items entered - a long
way to go.

You can read anything on the site for free, without registering -
try it out.

You can post on the forums and become a part of the community by
registering. It's free, painless, and will never generate spam

The way the forums are set up allows any type of participation you
want. You want to focus on a single system? You got it. You want
to read about your favorite ten systems? You got it. You want to
learn about new systems? You got it. You can "subscribe" to just
about anything, and when you next check out the site, you'll see
a notice if anyone posted anything in your subscriptions.

So, come on over, check it out, and hopefully you'll stay a while.
I must admit I haven't been much into roleplaying the last few
years, but this has resparked my interest and I've even posted some
reviews of things new to me.

-Steffan O'Sullivan Plymouth, NH, USA
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