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[online] New Issue of & Now Out

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Nicole Massey

Nov 12, 2012, 12:12:09 AM11/12/12
Subject: New Issue of & Now Out

& Magazine Issue 3 Now Available!

The & Publishing Group announces their third issue, devoted to adventures
involving the sea and ships. This issue includes information on pirates as
foes or characters, basing a campaign around a ship, and several sea-based
articles and columns. The issue introduces a new race, the sirens, who are
out for blood and using their unusual talents to bring doom to humans and
orcs. There's also adventures, creatures, foes, and other useful materials
we feel you'd enjoy, along with the usual things you've come to expect
&, so download it today!

Available now at

And if you're interested in OSR gaming, check out our new mailing lists -
and-chat is a list for general discussion of things First Edition, while
and-art is a list for artists interested in submitting artwork, and
and_writers is for those who'd like to submit articles to us or discuss
running of a fanzine or the craft of article and column writing. To
subscribe, send the word subscribe and a password in the subject or body
a message to the correct mailing list. (
for the chat list, for the writers
list, and andart-...@lists.and-mag.comfor the artists list)

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