REPOST/UPDATE: Errata to cards for Jyhad

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Tom Wylie

Nov 9, 1994, 3:52:59 PM11/9/94

New or modified entries since 11/9/94 are marked with a +++.
This version incorporates errata found in Duelist #3, page 79.

Simple printing errors such as having the wrong color border (the Accounting)
or having the card name misspelled (Psychic Projection) aren't listed here.
A couple of these are more for clarification than necessary errata...

Cat Burglary:
Remove the D symbol from first effect. Second effect should be in
bold face, and thus usable only with superior Celerity.

Dawn Operation:
Should be read as "If this vampire is blocked..."

The cost should be read as a straight blood symbol, and thus is
paid from the vampire and not from pool.

Disputed Territory:
The political action symbol is missing, but it is a political action.

Domain Challenge:
Should be read as "Successful vote means all Methuselahs lose 1 pool
immediately after vote is completed for each tapped minion
they control."

The Embrace:
The vampire created by this card is of the same clan as the
acting vampire.

Ghoul Retainer:
Read as "Each round of combat, Ghoul can use hands for 1 damage
or a weapon of the employing minion that the minion is not
presently using."

Glaser Rounds:
Read "used in a combat" as "used in any given combat".

High Stakes:
The last two cards are talking to each player, not just the player
playing High Stakes.

Hunting Grounds:
All Hunting Grounds should be reas as "received by a given vampire",
not "given to a vampire".

Kindred Society Games:
The last sentence is vague. Replace it with "If the vampire doesn't
untap but instead moves the Society Games on, but there is no tapped
younger vampire to move it to, Society Games is burned instead."

Minor Boon:
For clarification, should be read as "put this card on the vampire to
prevent the vampire from going to torpor".

Murder of Crows:
Should be read as "Does 1R extra damage during strike resolution
for vampire employing it."

Rapid Healing:
Read as "If this vampire is blocked..."

This card is played on the vampire which is about to *receive*
the aggravated damage.

The Second Tradition - Domain:
Should be read as "Prince or Justicar. Only usable by a tapped
vampire. This vampire untaps and attempts to block with +2 intercept."

The Third Tradition - Progeny:
The vampire created by this card is of the same clan as the
acting vampire.

Ventrue Justicar:
Makes the vampire Justicar of the Ventrue, not Justicar of
the Tremere. Title is misspelled.

Wolf Companion:
Read as "Does 1 extra dmage during strike resolution for
vampire employing it."

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