Black Lotus

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Jesse Fuchs

May 19, 1994, 8:53:48 PM5/19/94
Okay, I posted a while back saying I had a bunch of cards to trade.
Unsurprisingly, the one that has gotten the response is the black lotus.
I have recieved a number of fine offers, but none are exactly
what I am looking for. So, here's some guidelines to what I want:

1 or 2 Biggies. You know what these are: 1 if it's a true biggie, 2
of the less awe-inspiring ones.

4 or 5 normal rares. Good stuff - not Lifelace, but I'm not asking for
Dopplegangers either.

A buttload of AN commons. I came into this game too late for AN, and
I want to bulk out. These are the ones I am interested in: Wyluli Wolf,
Flying Men, Ruhk Egg, Desert, Moorish Cavalry, War Elephant, Army of Allah,
Piety, Fishliver Oil, Giant Tortoise, Stone Throwing Devils, Bird Maidens,
and maybe a mountain, just to be wacky.

I'm leaving on Sunday and won't be back for a week and a half, so
don't freak if I don't respond. I will look at all the offers, and either
respond individually, or post results to this group.



Jesse Fuchs

May 20, 1994, 11:08:42 PM5/20/94
Hi. I've gotten a lot of good offers, but I feel I should clarify my
last post, as a few people seem to have misunderstood my needs. My list
is not a "either/or" thing - I'm a generous guy, but not so that I've give up
my lotus for a bunch of Flying Men, and, while some of the "biggie" offers
have been nice, suffice to say that there is no card I would trade straight
up for the Lotus, excepting perhaps for Throat Wolf.
So, once again, the basic guidelines are:
1 or 2 biggies (Ali From Cairo or Aladdin especially nice)
4 or 5 decent rares (As I said, better than Lifelace, but I'm not
asking for Doppelgangers.)
A bunch of AN commons - the ones I want are the ones that A. aren't
in Revised (Kird Ape, Erg Raiders, etc.) and B. Don't suck. (Ghazban Ogre,
etc.) For my full wish list, see my previous post.

Many of the offers have been more than generous, and I wish to thank
all those that have made them.


No, there is no such card as "Throat Wolf." Just seeing if you were
paying attention.

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