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[88] Permafrost

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John Metcalf

Jan 15, 2024, 7:07:19 AMJan 15
Here's the code for my latest '88 warrior - a pair of papers, one with a
vortex imp launcher, the other with a Gymnosperm Trickery style clear.
It originally had an anti-imp clear (SPL 0,<2 / MOV 0,<1 / DJN -2,#XXX)
but GT seems more effective.

;name Permafrost
;author John Metcalf
;strategy paper/imp + paper/resin
;assert CORESIZE==8000

; qscan - 36 scans in 48 instructions

qfirst equ (qp2+2*qstep)
qdist equ qfirst+130
qstep equ 260

qi equ 7
qr equ 7

qbomb dat <qi/2-qi*qr, <qi*qr-qi/2

qa equ qstep*16
qb equ qstep*5+2
qc equ qstep*10
qd equ qstep*2
qe equ qstep*1

qscan cmp qdist+qc, qfirst+qc
jmp qfast, <qa
cmp qdist+qe+qd, qfirst+qe+qd
qp1 jmp <qfast, <qc
qp2 cmp qdist, qfirst
qp3 jmp qskip, <qe

cmp qdist+qb, qfirst+qb
q1 djn qfast, #qp1

cmp qdist+qd+qc, qfirst+qd+qc
jmp qslow, <qfirst+qd+qc+4
cmp qdist+qd+qb, qfirst+qd+qb
x1 jmp qslow, <q1
cmp qdist+qc+qc, qfirst+qc+qc
q2 djn qslow, #qp2
cmp qdist+qd, qfirst+qd
jmp qslow, <qfast
cmp qdist+qa, qfirst+qa
jmp q1, <q1

cmp qdist+qa+qd, qfirst+qa+qd
jmp x1, <q1
cmp qdist+qc+qb, qfirst+qc+qb
jmp q2, <q1
cmp qdist+qe+qd+qc,qfirst+qe+qd+qc
jmp qslower, <qfirst+qe+qd+qc+4
cmp qdist+qe+qd+qb,qfirst+qe+qd+qb
jmp qslower, <q1
cmp qdist+qe+qc+qc,qfirst+qe+qc+qc
jmp qslower, <q2
cmp qdist+qd+qd+qc,qfirst+qd+qd+qc
q3 djn qslower, #qp3
cmp qdist+qe+qc, qfirst+qe+qc
jmp <qfast, <q2
cmp qdist+qd+qd, qfirst+qd+qd
jmp <qfast, <q3
cmp qdist+qd+qd+qb,qfirst+qd+qd+qb
slt <q3, <q1

jmz warr, qdist+qe+qd+qc+10

qslower add @q3, @qslow
qslow add @q2, qkil
qfast add @q1, @qslow

qskip cmp <qdist+qstep+50, @qkil
jmp qloop, <1234

add #qdist-qfirst, qkil
qloop mov qbomb, @qkil
qkil mov <qfirst+qstep+50, <qfirst
sub #qi, @qloop
djn qloop, #qr+2

warr spl 1, <2000
spl 1, <3000
spl 1, <4000
mov <resin+4, <rboot
mov <resin+4, <iboot
iboot spl @0, idist
rboot jmp @0, rdist

idist equ 6692 ; 1000
rdist equ 5188 ; 635
pstepa equ 848 ; 4533
pstepb equ 1389 ; 6007
pstepc equ 1833 ; 5278
pstepd equ 4050 ; 7467
dpos equ 2180 ; 7875
rpos equ 7452 ; 3524
istep equ 2667
proc equ 8

; paper with vortex launch similar to Evil Spirit

mov <proc, <papera
papera spl @0, pstepa
mov <proc, <paperb
paperb spl @0, pstepb
spl 0, <-125
add #istep, launch
launch jmp @0, imp-istep*proc
imp mov 0, istep

; paper with resin (Gymnosperm Trickery style clear)

mov <proc, <paperc
paperc spl @0, pstepc
mov <proc, <paperd
paperd spl @0, pstepd
resin spl 0, <resin+dpos
mov 1, <1
mov <0, <rpos
djn resin, <resin+dpos

end qscan
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