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Dragonfly and Bewitching 88

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Feb 4, 2024, 12:55:16 PMFeb 4
Presenting Dragonfly and Bewitching, two of my 88 warriors! Unfortunately I can't access my others thanks to a google lockout after switching ISP. Both perform similarly on a benchmark but Dragonfly briefly did much better on the hill, until Black Widow killed it off. I'm not entirely satisfied with the df clear and I should probably consider adding a decoy to both of them.

;name Bewitching '88
;author S.Fernandes
;strategy scanner
;assert CORESIZE == 8000

step equ -436

eye mov slow , <hit+step
scan add #step , eye
jmz scan , @eye
hit mov @jump , @eye
jmn eye , hit

slow spl 0 , <clear-11
clear mov cleanup , <clear-6
jump jmp clear , 0

cleanup dat <2667 , <-11

end scan+1

;name Dragonfly '88
;author S.Fernandes
;strategy oneshot
;assert CORESIZE == 8000

gap equ -14
step equ -730

cleanup dat <2667 , #cleanup-x

add #15 , ptr

clr spl 0 , cleanup-x
mov @x , <ptr
mov @x , <ptr
mov @x , <ptr
djn clr+1 , <-200

inc dat <step , <step

loop add inc , ptr
ptr cmp step+gap , step
x jmp clr-1 , clr
djn loop , @ptr

end ptr

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